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One-On-One Class

What You Will Learn:

  • Rules for Safe Gun Handling
  • Proper Mindset for Combat
  • Handgun Safety
  • Grip, Stance, Sight adjustment, Sight Picture, Trigger Squeeze & Follow Through
  • California Law - Know Your Rights
  • Color Code
  • Reactions to a Threat - Fight or Flight
  • Drawing from Concealed Carry Devices
  • Proper Choice of Carry Devices - Holsters, Purses, Fanny Packs
  • Clearing Malfunctions

Required Equipment:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Holster
  • Primary handgun (Additional handguns are optional. Qualifying with the first and second firearm are included. Additional firearms are $25.00 each.)
  • Extra Magazines

This is a 16 hour class that takes place over two days. The class includes range time to practice drawing and shooting as well as for qualifying. This course does not guarantee a C.C.W. permit. All sales are final for classes.


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Contact Fred Sedillos to schedule your class after purchase. 

Phone: (805) 432-8461

Email: ofcrfred@hotmail.com




*Individuals taking courses at IVE Inc. are required to provide 72 hours notice in order to cancel and receive a full refund, and no less then 24 hours to be able to reschedule their course with a $10.00 rescheduling fee. Individuals who do not cancel or reschedule prior the 24 hours notice, will not be refunded and will not be rescheduled. The 72 hour window allows Ive Inc. to contact customers who have been waiting to get into courses that have already been sold out.