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What You Will Learn:

  • Rules for Safe Gun Handling
  • Proper Mindset for Combat
  • Handgun Safety
  • Grip, Stance, Sight Adjustment, Sight Picture, Trigger Squeeze & Follow Through
  • California Law - Know Your Rights
  • Color Code of Awareness
  • Reactions to a Threat - Fight or Flight
  • Drawing from Concealed Carry Devices
  • Proper Choice of Carry Devices
  • Clearing Malfunctions


  • complete understanding of the 4 fundamental rules of safe firearm handling (1.Treat every firearm as if it's loaded 2. Never point a firearm at anything you're not willing to kill or destroy. 3. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you're on target and have made the decision to fire. 4. Always be sure of your target and what lies beyond it.)
  • Solid familiarity with the handgun(s) you wish to qualify with.
  • Basic handgun shooting proficiency. If you expect to pass the shooting qualification, you must be a proficient shooter with your handgun(s). This class is not the place to achieve proficiency with your handgun, this should already be achieved before attending.
  • Ability to draw from your holster SAFELY. This means: 1. Not violating rule #2 or rule #3 while drawing (see above).
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to handle your firearm in a safe manner, you will be removed from class and no course approval will be submitted to the VCSD. Zero exceptions. This is for the safety of the class, students and instructors alike. No refund will be given if you are removed from the course due to violating fundamental safety principle(s).

Required Equipment:

  • Eye and ear protection.
  • A good quality strong-side holster that fits the firearm(s) you wish to qualify with during the course. Holsters constructed of Kydex (or other comparably rigid material) are strongly preferred. "Strong-side" means that the holster must be located on side of your dominant hand (e.g. if you are right handed, the holster and gun must only be on the right side of your waist). PLEASE NOTE: All other holsters (i.e. cross-draw, ankle, small of the back ("6 o'clock"), shoulder, etc.) are NOT permitted for use during class.
  • Your primary handgun. Additional handguns are optional. Qualification with two handguns is included in the course fee. Any additional firearms you wish to qualify with will cost $25.00 each. (Note: A total of 5 firearms may be added to each Ventura County-issued CA CCW Permit.)
  • Extra Magazines. In order to keep up with the pace of fire during drills and qualification, please have additional magazines for each firearm you wish to use. 
  • 400 Total Rounds of Ammunition. This includes the required number of rounds for both the training drills and shooting qualification. If you will be shooting firearms that are chambered for different cartridges, you will need a minimum of 50 rounds for each firearm you wish to qualify with. You may run the training drills with whichever firearm you choose, but the shooting qualification must be done with the firearm you've applied to put on your permit.

The class includes range time to practice drawing and shooting as well as for qualifying. This course does not guarantee a C.C.W. permit. For information regarding obtaining a CA CCW Permit if you are a Ventura County resident, please refer to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department CCW webpage: http://www.vcsd.org/ccw-permits.php



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